Starship Bases

Sci-fi bases for models include all sorts of things, and being a huge fan of the Aliens movies (yes, I even liked Alien 3 but not Alien 4!) I decided for my growing Tyranide Hive Fleet Eviscera horde I would custom-make space ship deck bases for all of my bug models. I’d scratchbuild a bunch of bases then cast them in resin so I could make as many as I want.

Here’s the first batch of 25mm bases, using a lot of diamond-plate styrene I had to order from the US. The clear-ish mesh bits are from the weaving area of a local craft store, the green ‘pipes’ are leftover sprue from a model tank. The white plastic is sheet styrene.  I made ten of these so of the 100 or so small Termagants I have you’ll see a nice variety spread out through the army. Continue reading

Upcoming project: Nurgle Lord of Gore

Yikes! Has it really been that long since I’ve posted?

Sorry about that, I’ve been really busy! I’ve been doing scale models recently, I was on a holiday, plus sick this week, but I’m getting back into the swing of things!

Inspired by the Hammerfest/Goonpocalypse last weekend at Warhammer World in Nottingham, England, I’ve decided to try making my own version of the Khorne Lord of Skulls:

No, it’s not like I don’t have plenty of other projects to do! In preparing for the Apocalypse game I built up several models I’ve had laying about for a long time, plus rediscovered models that I’ve been wanting to paint! what am I doing…

I’ve been experimenting with casting stuff, so I’m hoping to make much of this as repeatable as I can, meaning I’ll make a master and cast it using one- or two-piece silicone molds. So the insect legs, the weapon, the head and hopefully the body as well, although that’s a big chunk of something! Even if I just use the molds to make a couple extra pieces for myself they’ll be quite handy.

And yes I’m planning to use this at some point as a counts-as (or proxy) Khorne Lord of Skulls from Warhammer 40K Apocalypse/Escalation, and hopefully look cooler (at least in my head) than the Khorne version…because it’ll be the Nurgle version!

Scratchbuild: 40K Autocannon!

Because Havocs with Autocannons are the go-to choice for Chaos Space Marines, that’s all I’ve been using (except when I needed Lascannons against the Necron chariot, woop!). So I need 4 Autocannons to equip my guys. So far I’ve been proxying the black and purple Chaos Marines I got off ebay (now painted in the colors of the Flaming Spears!), or using my fully painted Chosen, but I’ve been wanting to scratchbuild an autocannon for a while now.

When I got started I had two choices:

  1. build 4 (or 8) autocannons, which would get boring after the 2nd to be honest, or
  2. build 1 really nice autocannon and try casting it in resin

So I went with option 2 – got started during the first group painting sesh with one of the Hammertime 40K guys:

This is one night’s effort, I need to do some cleanup on the green filler putty and add handles on the top. I’ll probably include hands as part of the piece, too, so it’s easier to magnetize.

This is what the normal handheld GW autocannon looks like:

Mine might be a bit small, looking at this picture, but should still be good-looking enough on the tabletop!

Originally posted on the Hammertime 40K blog