All-new painting area!

Here it is! This is my new painting area, ready for building, converting and painting. Pretty cool! I’ve finally got racks for my paints, a work light stolen from my computer desk and space for all my plastic drawers.

Click through for more pictures of how it (finally!) got to this stage 😛

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Why I use Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes

Contrary to popular belief, I like most of the Games Workshop/Citadel stuff. The Khorne Red base paint goes on in a single layer, it’s just amazing. And obviously the models are fantastic, for the most part, and the quality of the terrain just goes without saying. Then there’s the multi-layered history of the 40K universe, which I’ve barely started to dive into!

But they’re not perfect, of course – and one thing from GW that modelers (not just gamers, but modelers) say aren’t up to scratch are the brushes. This post should originally have been called ‘Why I don’t use Citadel brushes’!

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