Month: October 2013

Final birthday present

My mom sent me money for my birthday, so to round out the ‘toy models and video games’ theme of my 40th I decided to get the new set of Tactical Marines:

What I’m planning to do with these is try painting them in the different chapter colors like they show on the back of the box: Black Templars, Dark Angels, Salamanders, Ultramarines and others, just to have a bit of variety and paint stuff that’s  a different color than my usual red/yellow and bilious green 🙂 Should be fun!

Plus there will be lots of new bitz to play with!

Warhammer World Trip Report!

The trip to Warhammer World tday was fun, even if we didn’t get any time to play on the awesome tables that are set up but we spent a lot of time wandering around, buying a few things here and there and enjoying ourselves. Met up with a goon from Something Awful and got far too many White Dwarfs, so plenty of fresh reading material!

…I…took a few pictures:…=CImGwYvg5JSRZg

If you’ve been on blogs and whatnot it’s probably everything you’ve seen before but seeing everything in person was really cool.

Some sample photos:

The Belly Buster with a pint of Bugman’s XXXXXX
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Beginner’s Wargaming Painting Class

Are you a painting newbie? Check out the wargaming painting class I’ll be teaching! (UK only) updated link!

Yeah…I’m kinda proud about this one, sorry!

I mentioned a while back how I’m going to be helping instruct a class on beginner’s wargame painting, well now I’ve got a few details: 23rd of November, a link with info is here:…-painting-.html

Basically this is going to be aimed at raw beginners, starting with basic equipment, basic painting skills, a bit of detail work (but not too much), beyond that we’ll see where we get on the day, and we’ll squeeze in airbrushing as well (for vehicles, etc.). This will be held at the HQ of the Badger UK distributor – so we’ll be using Minitaire, Badger airbrushes, etc. You’re welcome to bring your own models but there will be ‘tester’ models available to paint too. Brushes, paints, lunch, tea, etc. will also be provided.

Of course this is meant for total beginners, so maybe YOU are advanced to the point where they won’t learn much, if anything, but if you know someone else (in the UK, unless they *really* want to take a trip) who’s always playing with plain grey models or wants to move beyond slapping on a single-color base coat and dip washing, let ’em know!

If you have any questions just leave a comment!