Month: October 2013

Tried painting cloth for the first time…

I wanted to try painting on the felt that I use for 40K and X-Wing Miniatures, so I gave that a go the other night. I’ve always been entranced with nebula pictures from the Hubble telescope (gas clouds) and wanted to paint something similar on the reverse side of the black glitter felt. Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of not having a picture on hand, and so far I have this:

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Finally got my Reaper Bones!

13 months after the Reaper Bones Kickstarter finished and $300+ later (plus another £65 in Customs fees!), I’ve finally gotten my Reaper Bones. I’m not complaining at the extra cost and the wait…not too much, anyway. But at least I wasn’t on forums complaining how my order should have come out first, or whatever, like some people were.

But anyway, it’s here, I can be happy about that! Here’s the box, filling my office chair:

It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be, but not having any blister packs and everything packed in poly bags helps cut down on the weight and space requirements I’m sure. Continue reading – Great ebay aAlternative!

Recently joined up the new site, a global auction site meant for miniatures, models, game stuff, etc.

Free to join, no listing fee and no fees at the end of a listing, plus you can put something on there for pretty much as long as you want. There are categories for GW, Fantasy Flight and other companies & categories, although the organization could be overseen a bit better (the Fantasy Flight section has Magic the Gathering cards in it the last time I checked, that sort of thing). The messaging system needs some work as well but it works OK right now, it’s just a bit clunky.

Payments are by Paypal only, so any disputes are handled through them, for better or for worse.

Overall it’s pretty good! For no listing or ending fees it’s definitely worth it and there’s already loads of sellers on there, including people selling really old vintage models and custom commissions.