Blood Bowl: Orc Team Nearly Finished


Nearly all the colors are done on my orc BB team, I just need to finish off the leather straps, do a wash on the clothes and add various weathering/mud/blood effects on them! Then I’ll finish off the basing with mud and static grass.


  1. I’m amazed that you’re able to paint up groups of minis like this and keep them all at such a high quality paint job! Very jealous!
    I think if I was to try to paint more than one at a time they’d look like they were dipped in a bucket hehe.

    1. Thanks 🙂 The airbrush priming and highlighting really helps but after that I’d say I only spent a few hours total on these guys doing the reds, whites and details like the stripes, metal bits, etc. It only feels like a couple of hours but it was probably a bit more. These are my first orcs so I did the timesaving orc skin method of ‘paint yellow, wash with green’ which works really nicely and saved tons of time over washing and highlighting.

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