40K: Possessed Space Marines

These guys were an ‘ebay rescue’ that I had a bit of fun painting (and repainting, as it turned out):

Here’s the progression with the freshly stripped and primed models:

Start time

Basecoated (mostly)


Edges done on the Nurgle guys

A lot of drybrushing

Based! plus touch-ups


Originally posted on the Hammertime 40K site

I found out after I finished the Possessed that Tzeentch is actually more purple and blue, rather than purple and green, so Sunday night I went over the purple Possessed I did.

The Nurgle guys needed to be a bit more green also, so I hit them with a heavy green wash.

It’s a shame these guys aren’t that popular on the battlefield, they’d get used a lot more!


  1. Aw thanks! This was my first time trying edge highlighting (on the blue/purple guy) and I really like how the Nurgle ones turned out with the splotchy flesh color (seriously, Plague Marines are SO easy to paint: http://tabletopstandard.com/2013/08/05/how-to-paint-a-plague-marine-quickly/). I wish I’d kept records on these to list what colors I used, but I just picked various reds for the Khorne ones, various blues and greens (then purples) for the one guy, and a variety of flesh & light greens/yellows for the other two.

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